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A heartfelt thank you to all the participants of the 2024 edition and congratulations to the winners!

The Acropolis Cup is one of the largest international youth football tournaments in Italy. This competition aims to give teams an opportunity to test their abilities and face foreign teams, and to date, more than 30 countries have been represented.


All clubs, which are members of their FIFA-affiliated national associations, are welcome to participate in the Acropolis Cup which includes both boys and girls categories. 


Our mission is to provide a well-organized competition for everyone to live a truly international and multicultural experience on and off the field.

Edmonton Juventus Soccer Club (Canada)

“It was quite intense. The final game played against Juventus Women was so nerve-wracking, and we won at the penalties. There was a whole group of Italian supporters just cheering for Canada!"

Jupie FŠ Mareka Hamšíka (Slovakia)

"Che orgoglio vedere i ragazzi giunti dalla Slovacchia partecipare e vincere il torneo ad Agropoli!"

Colegio San Luis Gonzaga (Colombia)

“Estamos muy satisfechos por el trabajo que mostraron nuestros jugadores gracias a que era la primera vez que participaban en este evento y alcanzaron a arañar el título. Los juegos resultaron entretenidos y reñidos.”


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