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storiaThe activities of international youth football begins to Agropoli in 1982 when the German company SG DIETZENBACH plays in a tournament involving six teams, won the Jugend Agropoli young category (boys born in 1967-68). The Germans had hosted the team agropolese last year in Frankfurt. Following other training abroad, including those in France, Switzerland and Germany, playing at Agropoli in subsequent years in tournaments with only the categories of young and first-timers.

In 1987, after five years experience, the organization raises this time officially INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENT “CITY ‘of AGROPOLI”.
In this edition 3 participating foreign nations: Belgium, Malta and Austria, and already here the categories are increasing and are following categories of students and chicks.

Edition of 1989 also participates in the Dynamo Kiev on behalf of the then Soviet Union and the ranks of those terrible thirteen is brought to light a boy who will become famous, Andrei Shevchenko, future gold ball, and player of the A. C. Milan for many years. Of course Dinamo won the tournament and the team as well as Shevchenko other players, such as the current international goalkeeper Ukraine, militeranno among professionals.

The tournament grows and families agropolesi compete to host foreign students who might be happy to be guests from families that did not point out the cultural difference.

From 1990 he comes with Rochester Americans and for the first time an American youth team meets a Russian team: happens to Agropoli and the Russians won 3-0. The tournament wins it Spartak Moscow Another famous club professional who attended more than a year in the tournament agropolese.
In 1991 the organizers manage to bring together a team of the Vatican, the Pontifical Oratory of St. Peter and St. Paul, with a Russian team, another unprecedented event. In this edition also comes the then Czechoslovakia, became today the Czech Republic, with a team of a country border, the town of Mikulov, which since then has never missed an appointment with the Tournament of Agropoli.
Increases over the years the number of participating teams and now reaches 100 teams with ease. In fact, many nations are asking to participate, but for organizational reasons participation is allowed only in the year 10/11 nations.
The tournament was played in the early years the only fields of Agropoli, but now, given the many races (200) is played on many areas of the countries of Cilento Agropoli and we make use of the availability of the Sports Center “Raffaele Guariglia” that has the “Stadio Guariglia”, with turf, and the “Stadium Tower” synthetic. Here come more and more teams from new countries such as Albania, Bulgaria (Spartak Varna club in Serie A), Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia (also the Lokomotiva Trnava this club in Serie A), Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic.
Even Western Europe is interested in the Tournament of Agropoli and the organization accepts as the participation of teams from Austria, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, France, Germany, Switzerland, England.

From 1997 onwards there is the debut of the teams of Canada, Venezuela and Puerto Rico. Africa is present with WAC Casablanca of Morocco and finally Australia with a team of Perth. Even the small state of San Marino is his experience in the Tournament of Agropoli. Also increase the presence of Italian club professionals or amateurs who are. The tournament is now highly sought after, so much so that many teams ask for participation as a fixed Mikulov the country since 1991, the Pavoniana Brescia since 1990, the Sicilians Paterno since 1993, the Ghepard Bologna (10 holdings), the Memphis and Toronto in Canada Deportivo Venezuela since 2001 and since 2002.
In recent years, given the many requests, the organization has been forced to switch between European companies of ‘East, from Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia and Romania.
In several years all the Italian regions showed clubs participating in the tournament of Agropoli, with the exception of Valle d’Aosta and Umbria. Among the important guests the place of honor to the Head of State of Puerto Rico Dr. Acevedo this in 2005 in the wake of the club Fraigcomar; follow the Consul of Tunisia; many presidents of Italian Provinces, many mayors of Italian and foreign cities of the participating clubs. There are also many Italian and foreign players who have taken the first steps to football Agropoli and that now militate in professional leagues.

In 1999 the Italian Federation has recognized the tournament Agropoli as Tournament Italian youth teams with the highest number of foreign participants.
So far 30 countries are present at the “City of Agropoli”.