Comment edition 2014

Comment edition 2014

230 games played, 115 teams participating in 16 male and female categories, are the numbers of the 33rd International Tournament “CITY ‘OF AGROPOLI 2014”.

In a period of crisis, the tournament brought in Agropoli teams from 8 countries and 9 Italian regions. In addition to the competitive side, it is also important aggregation, the new friendship and the mixture of different cultures and there are many incidents to mention how the crying of children of La Spezia flying peers in Colombia and are disappointed because they had made friends the same hotel where they lived, the strong disappointment of the Czech children in Mikulov, which favored, lose in two hours three semi-finals and it is sad the return bus in the Czech Republic.

The bitter surprise of School Football Jupie Slovak Marek Hamsik who expect to see their idol, the player Naples, but Benitez has denied him permission, sportsmanship Students Airola that despite not being able to win the group, beat Catanzaro and deliver the title at U. S. Agropoli interested spectator of the race, the happiness of the Colombian Manizales that play in the Under-14 Women’s Basketball Tournament organized by well Pisani, the disbelief of executives of Alba (CN) when they discover that the South a pizza with the beer costs 5 euro and photographing the menu. Turning to the first competitive, in the junior category wins Verdoliva Catanzaro fielding a strong team, well coached that wins the challenge with the representative agropolese extra Tournament. He experiences the B-Lab Castellabate.

Catanzaro has not won in the students and Mr. Vacca with USAgropoli centers the second consecutive victory by beating Venezuela in the group, Airola Oratory and St. Anthony. Excellent team seemed the Airola (BN) jogging with Venezuela. The Oratory is the first experience but improves with every race and surprising. Single round and very balanced also in the B Juniors where he won the ’98 Deportivo Venezuela before a point Play Soccer winning three times but lost the head to head. The South Americans also beat the Renzulli and tie with Real Agropoli Valens unprofitable in attack. Third is Anzio Lavinio which is a strong team, well organized and arouses a great impression. Tournament strange that the young ’99 with great balance and 4 draws in Group B. pass Agropoli and Vesuvius with Roccadaspide now defeated. In Group A Terracina and Naples Europe before Mikulov and Sacred Heart. Mr. Villani wrong only the race with Europe. Terracina strong but lost in the semi-final with Sporting Vesuvio in Roccadaspide and Vesuvius in the final took the lead with the US Agropoli, but the battleship’s Di Napoli can also with a bit of luck to reverse the result in the final minutes. B 2000 in the very young Americans ODP New York express a great football and qualify, losing only in the semifinals on penalties, with Cava dei Tirreni. Loses semifinal also Mikulov (Czech Republic) with Europe Naples who returns to Agropoli and won with merit. Good position for the team but also for the Stub Cava dei Tirreni, clubs revelation of the tournament in many categories. Irpinia is the most correct team. In 2001 A beginners is repeated in the final challenge Europe Naples and Cava dei Tirreni and this time won the Red Lyons. In the two rounds Mikulov waste everyone and is the favorite, but the penalties are fatal for the Czechs coming out against Europe Naples.

Cava and Europe pass the group and the only wins against Deportivo Neapolitans. In 2001 B rookies still Mikulov great protagonist but also here in the semi-final penalty shoot-out with the Blue Arrow, children Perillo lose the final but with the Avio Brindisi. Excellent Airola block in the semifinals from Puglia, but Brindisi deserves the top spot for the game and expressed the perfect corporate organization. The largest youth club Avio Brindisi. Always loses Colombia and Santerenzina La Spezia mistake only the first race in his first experience in the Tournament of Agropoli. In 2002 he won rookies Sporting Vesuvio that exceeds the Spes Montesacro Roma. Colombia is one point with Belardi, Sea Scus loses semifinal and Avio Brindisi is third. Even the Montesacro is a strong football school and participate with good results for the first time. Many categories in chicks and assigned two stocks in each of these. Double Tournament in 2003, won the Sporting Nola and Jupie Hamsik. Forcing the Slovaks. It disappoints the Lokomotiva Trnava leaking with Nola and passes the turn.

In the other tournament, queens Neapolitan prevail Marigliano and Sporting Vesuvio beating even the Slovaks. Alba (CN) plays well with Hamsik but lost net with Napoli. Marigliano well leaky Hamsik with the first race then resumed. In 2004 involved 14 teams in three groups. Salerno super spring with four victories, then Montesacro with three. Roccadaspide emulates the Spring and always wins. In the finals sopprende Alba (CN) that exceeds the favorite Spring on penalties to the delight of Piedmont who did not expect to win the first participation, regular victories for Roccadaspide and Red Lyons Quarry. He also won the New Generation in the final mixed 2004-2005 and does the same on Casalvieri Frosinone. In the category 2005 before winning the final against Sporting Vesuvio Deportivo Venezuela and the second still strong against Marigliano an excellent third time Vitale. In 2006 successes still to Sporting Vesuvius in a beautiful final against Roccadaspide and for Marigliano against Spring. In 2007 it prevails in the single round still the same club, the Sporting Vesuvio against Scus Agropoli. Sporting Vesuvio and Marigliano are the companies that have won more, at the wheel of Red Lyons Cava dei Tirreni. Proving that youth football is Campania growing. Turning to women, in the Under 14 won the Carpisa Napoli participating with two teams in the final and beat the emerging reality of Naples MEP volcanic and young Mr. Esposito. Good experience for Salernitana Ida Renzi. Beautiful Tournament Under 16 If the play Roma and Juventus eventually prevail Roman.

The Canadian Wassaga forgiveness with Gragnano and Rome but have the luxury to beat Juventus. Improve Gragnano Valentina. In the Under-18 surprise New York beat Roma on penalties in the final in a tournament studded by episodes questionable, he leaves Juventus in the semi-finals and always on penalties. A praise goes to the referees that have handled the Tournament in an exceptional way above those of group CSI Massimo Amitrano. We can not fail to mention the one who made it possible to make an excellent ceremony accepting the burden of all the trophies distributed, Dr. Enzo Malandrino, owner Agency Unipolsai Agropoli, also president of the youth football school of Agropoli, affiliated to Juventus


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